Jake Williams

An iron man contemplates autumnal light and water.

A statue from a long ago war in winter light

A statue's shadow, moments past

An iron man sunk in the ground , winter rain has passed

Tree shadows on rainwashed paths as the sun comes out again.

Winter light and shadows in one of Edinburgh's most elegant squares

Leaves blow in the wind

Wild roses blooming on a riverbank on a rainy afternoon

An iron man standing in a river in front of a wooded bank

The fallen are drifting downstream towards the sea

A rainy riverscape beneath the trees, seasons turn

The floating world revisited

Sunlight on a rainwashed street, it was a beginning

Trees overhanging a river on a cloudy day, the scent of new growth is in the air

Fallen cherry blossoms in the rain, don't forget about us

A blurry car passes , photographers travel hopefully

Blurry figures pass by on a rainy Edinburgh street. Did I hear an echo of hooves?

A blurry figure passes an empty seat and a puddle reflects

A cherry tree on a cloudy day, blossoms are scattered

Trees surround a bridge on a dreich May Morning

Jake Williams

I can hardly remember a time in my life when I wasn’t practising photography-it’s been a lifelong passion for me long before I went to Bournemouth and Poole College of Art to study it. There was always the creative spirit to be nurtured. You have the chance to turn your little creative acorns into a forest, while catching those little moments of pleasure whenever and wherever they appear. It’s a way of expressing the unexpressible, of mining those veins of gold in the unconscious. As Rilke wrote, ” where I create, there I am true”.

However fast the world moves, photography can allow us to stop and look around for a little while, to explore the play of poetry, place and history. Pay attention and the world around you starts to speak…just be still and listen. You can rush around ticking off all the usual tourist sights, you can take as many selfies by statues of 18th century Scottish Enlightenment philosophers as you want and why not? But there are so many more enchanted things patiently waiting for us, however unsettling they can seem-everything has its season. Sometimes the past quite literally resurfaces. The river keeps on flowing as the seasonal wheel turns.

The subject and the history of Edinburgh, WW 1, wherever or whenever you may be, are a jumping off point for further explorations. The ripples keep widening, as they did while I walked through the rain by the Water of Leith and Spring turned to Summer. The recent past seems at once close and unimaginably remote, but via thoughtful looking, we can get to know it a little more. In the words of Paul Hill, “remain curious”. That’s the best two words on photography I’ve ever heard. It’s all you need really. Though I do have a special place in my heart for Harry Callahan’s “there are no rules in photography. That’s why it’s so much better than baseball”. The second sentence rarely gets quoted, sadly.



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