Harry Wijsbroek

The River 1

The River 3

Striking appearance in the burger joint.


Purple rain


Cyclist in the old streets


Mirror of shadow

9/11 rose

Subway silhouette

Paris daily bread

Bird's eye

The long way

(Who was) on the beach

Winter trees

Rainy path

Fly to the sunset

The Tree, the Mill and the Moon

Burgundy sunset

Harry Wijsbroek

I’m a Dutch photographer, born and raised in and near Rotterdam. I make autonomous, free work in a reportage-like style, it consists of landscapes & cityscapes and fits best “on the wall”.

My landscapes often show human influences on nature, while my cityscapes show the loneliness and impersonality, the emptiness of the city. But also the beauty.

Often my photos subtly expose social themes. My compositions are “clean” and radiate calmness. They can give you the feeling that you are in the image, while my work is also characterised by created distance and anonymity.


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