Grant Simon Rogers

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FALLING WATER ƒ/11.0 @1/1000 ISO:400 Daylight & Flash

OPHELIA'S AFRICAN DUST October 2017 ƒ/8.0 @1/125 ISO:400 Daylight & Flash

ASHLEY DOWN South Boarhunt, Hampshire May 2017 ƒ11 @1/1000 Sec. ISO: 100 Daylight & Flash

VOLKSPARK FRIEDRICHSHAIN Friedrichshain, Berlin April 2017 ƒ8 @1/500 Sec. ISO: 100 Daylight & Flash

BALTIC BLUE Rügen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern December 2016 ƒ7.1 @1/30 Sec. ISO:250 Daylight & Flash

DAPHNE & BAD WILDLIFE Brockwell Park, London May 2017 ƒ16 @1/500 Sec. ISO: 100 Daylight & Flash

AFTERGLOW BEHIND THE RAIN Brockwell Park, London October 2016 ƒ8 @1/500 Sec. ISO: 100 Daylight & Flash

SEASON OF GRASSES Kennington Park, London August 2017 ƒ11 @1/1000 Sec. ISO:100 Daylight & Flash

THE GOLDEN BOUGH ƒ/11.0 @1/400 ISO:100 Daylight & Flash

Grant Simon Rogers

Grant Simon Rogers


I am a British born gallery artist now based in Berlin. I trained at Portsmouth College of Art and have worked in Newspapers, TV and Film, before following my creative calling. I am obsessive about my photography which has been described by others as classical, employing the Day for Night technique. I enjoy keeping any post processing to the minimum. I MAKE a picture in the camera. This method of working I often describe as my “Photopsychotherapy” and love the mediative state I experience while making my pictures. This under pins my creative practice. I am motivated to explore through my own creativity the link between emotional health, creativity and environment. I have become more aware as I reached my middle aged years that poor emotional health and lack of self awareness is at the heart of what we now describe as “Emotional Poverty”. I am simply looking for the beauty around me. When not making, I teach art, art history and visual literacy in museums and universities in London & Berlin. I taught Conflict and Genocide Studies for over twenty years for the Imperial War Museum, specialising in Nationalism, I am clearly a sum of parts.


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