Grant Simon Rogers

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BREITENSTEIN APPLE TREE Breitenstein, Baden-Württemberg, 2019 ƒ/16 @1/2000 ISO:200 Daylight & Flash (Fired, on)

OPHELIA'S AFRICAN DUST Burgess Park, London 2017 ƒ/8.0 @1/125 ISO:400 Daylight & Flash

ASHLEY DOWN South Boarhunt, Hampshire May 2017 ƒ11 @1/1000 Sec. ISO: 100 Daylight & Flash

FALLING WATER Regents Park, London. 2018 ƒ/11.0 @1/1000 ISO:400 Daylight & Flash

A LOTUS FLOWER IN BLACK & WHITE I Botanical Garden Bonn 2018 ƒ16 @1/2000sec. ISO:200 Daylight & Flash

BALTIC BLUE Rügen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern December 2016 ƒ7.1 @1/30 Sec. ISO:250 Daylight & Flash

DAPHNE & BAD WILDLIFE Brockwell Park, London May 2017 ƒ16 @1/500 Sec. ISO: 100 Daylight & Flash

AFTERGLOW BEHIND THE RAIN Brockwell Park, London October 2016 ƒ8 @1/500 Sec. ISO: 100 Daylight & Flash

THE VELOCITY OF FALLING BLOSSOM Görlitzer Park, Berlin. 2018 ƒ/13.0 @1/500 ISO:200 Daylight & Flash

AN AUTHENTIC OCCURENCE OF CIRCUMSTANCES Volkspark Hasenheide, Berlin, 2019 ƒ/11.0 @/1000 ISO:200 Daylight & Flash

Grant Simon Rogers

Grant Simon Rogers


This is an ongoing photographic odyssey that has absorbed my time for the last 12 years. Photography is my mark making. My thinking about my work is constantly evolving which is very exciting and feels to be full of possibilities. I have pet themes that frame my making and we are of course a sum of parts so my love of cinema, painting, literature, and food all play their part.  These pictures are a record of what I look at when I go for a walk. I walk a lot throughout the year so this work evolves with the seasons.

All pictures are made using a variation of the same camera settings and an off camera flash. The variables are always the available light and my mood on the day.  These pictures are virtually straight out of the camera. I love making them and feel energised by being in the moment.

The title I have given this work in progress is what used to be written on the blank parts of a map. As good a way as any of saying I don’t know? This is for me a great place to start.

I am a British born gallery artist now based in Berlin.


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