Dylan B Garcia

Stone Circles may have been created to guarantee crops by controlling climate and weather.

Time can be seen as a river that we travel on, in our own lives this may be true but as a spices it may be a circle as climate change returns to Britain.

As Britain warms, old plants will return turning us into tropical Britain.

Plants kept in greenhouses will soon be able to survive outside, making us rethink what we mean by native.

Typical Flora for an area will change over time.

If we go back in time or forward we will see tropical rainforests on the thames.

There are mythical lands in Britons past, many have been lost below the waves due to rising seas.

A Mizmaze, a rare and mysterious labyrinth hidden around the UK.

We Construct the past into what we need it to be.

As Climate Change alters our lives the past will become the present.

Dylan B Garcia

Dylan Garcia is a lens based artist living in southern England. He has exhibited at Quay Arts and Dimbola Museum on the Isle of Wight (UK), The Grange rottingdean in Brighton (UK), The Institute of Photography in Falmouth (UK) and Hollybrook Gallery Reading (UK).  He has a work in the upcoming  To The Sea, Exhibit in St Gilles Croix de Vie (France). His work is also featured in Artdoc Magazine Healing Nature Exhibition.

Dylan has a BA in Graphics (Photography) from Norwich School of Art, MA Photography from Falmouth University and holds ARPS from the Royal Photographic Society.

Dylan Garcias practice deals with issues of time, history, mythology and issues of human consciousness and how is relates to the natural world.


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