David Shortland

A couple at a diner ignoring each other

Silhouette of a figure behind a steamy window

A consumer shopping at a market

Figure in a London taxi

A well-dressed couple walking to dinner

Shadows approaching a red doorway

Memorial in Berlin

Three figures reflected in a small mirror

A street in Lisbon

The hands of commuters on a train

Shadowy figure peering around a corner

A figure approaching

A figure standing on faces

Shadow approaching in market

Shadow of a figure with a pint

A bartender entering a doorway

2 figures passing on a staircase

A figure behind a steamy window

A figure dressed in yellow at the end of a set of yellow lines

The shadow of a waiter in a restaurant

David Shortland

I’m an Irish photographer currently based in London. After picking up photography as a lockdown hobby in early 2021, it quickly became an obsession.

I work mainly in the genre of candid street photography, using it to explore themes of disconnection, isolation and the impact of the city on its inhabitants. You’ll also occasionally find me dabbling in portraiture and trying to get to grips with the inverse square law.

As someone who deals with anxiety issues, street photography has been life-changing for me. It’s really become a form of therapy and helped me become much more confident and creative. It’s such a fun and accessible form of expression, and I’d always encourage everyone to give it a go.


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