David Lowe

Hand coloured photomontage

Hand coloured photomontage

Hand coloured cyanotype print

Tinted cyanotype print

Hand coloured cyanotype print

Mixed media cyanotype print

Hand coloured cyanotype on four black and white photographs

Anthotype print

Chlorophyll prints

Combined Anthotype and chlorophyll print

David Lowe

I am a creative visual artist working with alternative photography and art. I actively seek out ideas to explore producing alternative photographic prints followed by hand colouring using a variety of techniques and media to produce unique visual images.

I am fascinated by abandoned buildings focusing mainly on churches. I find that they have some kind of attraction to me and I try to artistically visualise what they would have been like before they were abandoned.

My experimental photographic inspiration comes from Li Yuan-Chia (1929 – 1994), who was one of the most important Chinese visual artists and he developed his photography in a very highly personal way. I have seen his unique hand tinted photographs at an exhibition titled ‘Radical Landscapes’ at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester a few years ago.

Most of my alternative photography is based around Cyanotype, Anthotype and Chlorophyll prints. These three processes have a minimal impact on the environment and give me an opportunity to grow and nurture plants for Chlorophyll printing.


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