Claire Watson

John Boy is a rare Suffolk Horse, there are currently less then 500 left in the world. Suffolk horses are even rarer then Giant Pandas. Suffolk horses were traditionally used on farms for pulling ploughs and carts, although today they would be more l

Rare Gloucestershire Old Spot Piglet playing in the leaves.

Atmospheric portrait of a Jack Russell Terrier called Tess.

A dark and moody portrait of a Longhorn Steer.

Gregory is a rare Balwen Ram, currently there is less then 1500 of them left in the country. This a popular breed on small holding because they are a nice docile and hardy sheep to keep.

Studio portrait of Bo the Staffordshire Bull Terrier/ Pug Crossbreed.

Colourful silhouette portrait of a Red Deer Stag.

Bee on top of a purple flower.

A scabious purple flower.

A Cocker Spaniel chasing a toy.

Atmospheric studio Turkey portrait.

Frozen Purple Flower in Ice. Creative studio still life.

Creative studio portrait based on the water/ice element.

Leicester Longwool sheep are the second rarest sheep in the UK.

Environmental portrait of a pony called Eddie.

Claire Watson

Claire Watson is a professional animal photographer who specialises in animal photography from pets, farm animals to wildlife. She also photographs human portraiture and still life. Claire aims to capture the personalities of animals through her portraiture and is inspired by the theme of Anthropmorphism where people project human emotions onto animals.


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