Cesca Diebschlag

A stampede of dandelions

Gooseberries, from the series "Ripen"

Self-discovery, from the Series "Tangle"

Green tomatoes

Japanese wineberries, from the series "Ripen"

Poppy, from the series "Collapse"

Rosary vine, from the series "Tangle"

The secret life of a dandelion

Tomatoes, from the series "Ripen"

Welsh poppy bud, from the series "Emerge"

White fuchsia

Tulip, from the series "Collapse"

Dutchman's pipe cactus, from the series "Collapse"

Parrot tulips, from the series "Collapse"

Brown Turkey fig, from the series "Ripen"

White Amaryllis, from the series "Collapse"

Mullein, from the series "Emerge"

Decorated dandelion leaf

Wisteria alba

Courgette flower

Cesca Diebschlag

I had a previous career as a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, and am also a practitioner of Zen. This background has opened me to experience the world as process, and to appreciate the primacy of dynamic change and development.

Nature speaks in the language of gesture: opening, rising, falling, closing, grasping, collapsing, scattering… The course of life through the myriad forms of plants is echoed in our own lives, if at a different pace. All life forms seem to display something of the same qualities as they move through the arc of a lifetime: arriving in this world fresh and relatively featureless before gaining in structure and individuality, and then as they traverse the territory of old age, intensifying that structure even as they begin to disintegrate, becoming more colourful even as they fade, becoming more themselves even as they become whole ecosystems. A mature oak comprises over 400 species; less than half of our own cells are genetically our ‘own’, not to mention the traces of other – experiential rather than substantial – influences on us.

The more closely I look, the more the intricate and mysterious nature of life reveals itself. I do not believe in a Creator made in the image of humanity, but if I did, I would wonder what she was on, and would want what she’s having.  My intention in creating these images is to call your attention to the ongoing miracle unfolding all around us.


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