Becky Mursell

Becky Mursell

I am a London based photographer specialising in portraiture and storytelling. I facilitate photography workshops and am increasingly looking to incorporate participatory practices within my work.

I have studied photography at Speos, London and previously worked in the non profit sector for eight years.

‘Second helpings and trips to the seaside’ is a personal project born out of a curiosity to get to know my Grandma better. The images reflect the ebbs and flow of her daily life and stand witness to the subtle changes that come with each visit.

‘Corona with Gratitude’ is a project which uses photography as a tool to not only help raise awareness to the importance of mental wellbeing but also provide those involved with a practical activity where they can be reminded about the small and important things that are often overlooked in our daily lives.

For a minimum of 9 days, each person is asked to take a photo every day of a moment or thing that they were grateful for. These photos are then paired with a portrait of each participant taken over Zoom, to reflect the change in how we can communicate and interact with each other

I am available for commissions and interested in collaborating with other artists.


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