Anna Sellen

Ground 0 - North, East, South, West

Ground 0 South

Ground 0 South

Ground 0 South

Ground 0 Grid, Ground 0 series

Emergency exit, The Bunker series

Map room (detail), The Bunker series

Meeting room, The Bunker series

Communications room, The Bunker series

Spectacle, The Bunker series

Sick bay, The Bunker series

Plant Room, The Bunker series

Anna Sellen

My creative practice often explores transitional experiences of people and places, from the changes in our physical environment to the shifting identities, belonging, family and memory. I think of myself as an artist and photographer and I tend to experiment with different media and approaches. I enjoy combining text and images to create layers and meanings. Recently, I have been experimenting with sound recording, video, pinhole photography and alternative photographic processes, such as lumen, chlorophyll and plant-based processes.  Multi-sensory experiences and embodied practice have an important place in my creative process.

I am currently making work about the Cold War, memories and bunkers. I am looking for connections that reach beyond the personal and help to examine what the Cold War personal and collective legacy might mean to us today. In 2020, I became an artist in residence at the Kelvedon Hatch nuclear bunker and I use my visits to the bunker to study the archive and experiment with sound, video and photography.



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