Angela Crosti

A selection of images from my self-published Photobook 'Neither Here Nor There', 2022. Over the past two years, I have observed my children through the lens of my medium format film camera, recording their feelings, vulnerabilities and disbelief in response to their growing fears and disillusion of the space they are living in. Although they are some years apart, they are witnessing similar complexities and their concerns overall address the common sense of displacement and disillusionment. This body of work reflects on their process of reconciliation and understanding of situations where wars, climate change, mental health issues, youth crimes, poverty are the background of their day by day living. As I explore the different contexts of their youth, I pause in admiration of their resilience, awareness and receptive patience for a world that seems, more than ever, governed by unpredictable forces which destabilize rather than bringing serenity and unity.

From the Series 'The Moment You Were Gone', 2021 Adolescence is a period of self-exploration, of setting boundaries, of asking without giving. It is a moment of bursting emotions and constant battlegrounds. This project speaks about these moments; the transition in becoming a young adult. These are all fleeting instants, playful, poetic and unpredictable. My attention focuses on my daughter who is grasping her space and demanding independence. I'm trying to frame the present, to slow its passage down, while her life is turning to a different direction and it is no longer revolving around us. Photography is helping me to capture these instants; when a moment is just about to erupt and end.

Angela Crosti

I am a photographic artist and writer based in London.

My way to photography was not linear, and I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honours in Photography at the University of Westminster,  after pursuing a career as a project manager.

I am interested in the simple beauty and the moments of silence that dwell in everyday life, capturing not only what my eyes can see, but how I feel about them. My aim is to document different perspectives and hidden dialogues and my attention focuses particularly on youth and adolescents, to create visual narratives open to the viewer’s interpretation and imagination.

I embrace coincidence and intuition as essential working methods. My portraits capture tender moments that are authentic and intimate, focusing on human connection, collaboration and complicity, while I use landscapes to evoke interior states, as reflections and metaphors of everyday life that transcend the surface and unravel the tension that linger below.

I work predominantly with medium format film camera and I am inspired by literature, philosophy and music.



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