andrew p crawford, arps

these images were made on st. patrick's day 2020, looking out to sea close to the most easterly part of great britain. the world had already changed and was about to experience a much more dramatic change. finalising them has taken almost four years and i dedicate the series to my father who died at the end of the year. they wouldn't let me visit him.

these images are made from multiple blurred glimpses recorded as i pass through the land- or town-scape and then digitally overlaid to create an image recalling the impression left by the journey. they are compressions of time, collecting and archiving the entirety of an event as a single, barely decipherable, image.

i am intrigued by how our minds process only some of the information from our eyes, stabilize it and combine it with both memory and expectation to create what we see. our internal image of the world is personal and unique; forged by visual recollection of our past and by anticipation of the future. these images explore those ideas by removing background context and detail, yet we still know, or think we know, what is happening.

andrew p crawford, arps

i am a uk photographer specialising in fine art abstract images who doesn’t like capital letters.

fascinated with ideas of perspective and relative perception, among my still unanswered childhood questions is whether we can ever know if we all “see” the same way. i aim for clarity in conveying perceptions using reduced or eliminated context, clutter and detail; through minimalism, abstraction and simplification, but sometimes do the opposite.

i use mostly digital and sometimes film cameras and regard image editing as an intrinsic part of the creative process.

i am an associate member of the royal photographic society, and a trustee of the stephen h tyng foundation.


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