Alec Leggat

The first in the series that became #iamnotapetrolhead based on the fascination with the effects of street lighting on objects that have particular personal resonances for many people.

From the series #iamnotapetrolhead. The identity of the car was established through exchanges on social media, with actual petrolheads.

I am fascinated by how these cars pop up in my street and then disappear again. I sometimes wonder how many interesting specimens I may have missed. They are less likely to appear with the expansion of ULEZ in London.

An attractive wee motor just rusting away.

Alec Leggat

After a first career in photography in the arts I now make my living as a fundraising consultant for charities, specialising in strategic approaches to grant fundraising. Nowadays, my photography is largely observational and conversational, sometimes leading to series that I intend to curate in different forms – exhibitions, books etc.

I am also developing my creative practice as a producer for large projects in the heritage and social justice spaces, combining photography and stories gathered through oral history.


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