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Mountaintop Removal is a highly destructive but cheap method of extracting coal used by companies in the Appalachia region of the USA. It was banned under the Obama Administration but reinstated under the Trump Administration.

Due to mountaintop removal and the demise of the coal industry, towns like Appalachia are dying.

The trees have been chopped down, the mountain blown up and the draglines have pulled out the coal and have moved onto the next one.

Sulphur is one of the toxic by products of Bitumen mining.

Tailings ponds are the waste areas of bitumen mining.

Tailings ponds are the waste areas of bitumen mining.

A jockey is knocked off his horse before the race begins, Kildare, Ireland.

A flutter is big part of horse racing in Ireland.

Horses are trained on the beach as sand is softer not damaging joints while the cold water of the sea repairs strains on muscles.

Two Saharawi refugees in Al' Asurd refugee camp, Tindouf, Algeria. After the Moroccan invasion and occupation of the The Western Sahara, the Saharawis have been refugees for over forty years in the deserts of Western Algeria.

Buyema Fateh, better known as, " Castro" juxtaposed with a portrait of him as a young men as a POLISARIO fighter where his looks earned him the nickname. Today, "Castro" runs a disability centre,the only one in a refugee camp and


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