GB. England. Dorset. From ‘West Bay’. 1996.

Images for use only in connection with direct publicity for the exhibition ‘The Great British Seaside: Photography from 1960s to present’ managed by the National Maritime Museum which runs from Thursday 8 March 2018 until Monday 27 August 2018. These images are for one time non-exclusive use only and must not be electronically stored in a media asset retrieval database
• Up to four Magnum images can be used without licence fees for inside print use up to ½ page only. Up to eight images may be used in online editorial galleries. Please contact Magnum to use on any front covers.
• Images must be credited and captioned as outlined by Magnum Photos
• Images must not be reproduced online at more than 1000 pixels without permission from Magnum Photos
• Images must not be overlaid with text, cropped or altered in anyway without permission from Magnum Photos.
• This licence is applicable only for the period 3 months around the exhibition.
If you have a Direct Download agreement with Magnum Photos, you can download or request online these pictures immediately. If you do not have a download agreement, please contact your local Magnum office:

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