ORDER NOW: YEARBOOK 2020 – The Printed Publication

Text ready 'YEARBOOK 2020, SHUTTER HUB' on a background of an out of focus photograph of a screen showing an online exhibition.

YEARBOOK 2020 is Shutter Hub’s response to the cancelled graduate shows this year, but not just for graduates. We invited all photographers who wanted to promote their work to enter YEARBOOK. Entrants paid what they could, there were no set entry fees. Some entered a single image, some a series and some a whole portfolio.

We received several thousand images and we are showing at least one image from everyone who entered in the YEARBOOK 2020 online exhibition, showcasing work from over 200 photographers from across the world.

100 images have been chosen by our selection panel to be included in this printed publication, which is being sent to industry specialists and agencies.


If you are someone who loves photography and beautiful printed publications, or one of the featured photographers and would like a copy for your portfolio or to share with your contacts you can pre-order the printed publication here, at cost price.


If you are an editor, director, curator or someone who commissions, promotes or supports photographers and would like to receive a copy of the YEARBOOK 2020 printed publication, featuring 100 selected photographers, please register your interest by completing this form – we have 100 copies set aside for people who work with photographers, to help them make new connections.



YEARBOOK 2020 Printed Publication, digital mini newspaper printed by Newspaper Club, 55gsm, 170 x 250mm, 116 pages

YEARBOOK 2020 selection panel: Tallie Wright, BenQ; Beth Kane, Exposure Photography Festival; Judith van Linden, Fujfilm Original Photo Paper; Sarah Belfort, Newspaper Club; Karen Harvey, Shutter Hub

Project management and publication design: Jayne Lloyd






YEARBOOK 2020 is being printed in September 2020 and orders will begin to be shipped in the week commencing 5 October 2020.


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