HOME: Shutter Hub Exhibition with Gallery at Home, 05-19 October 2019

© Karen Harvey


Photographers from around the world bring together their vision of home in a powerful selection of photographic images, raising funds for Crisis, Shelter Cymru and Toiletries Amnesty*.

Home can be found in a person, or a memory. Scars and skin, pin boards of photographs with frayed edges. Freckled noses, specks of dust in the light, long dark shadows and perspectives. Home can be anything, anywhere.

What does home mean to you?


© Eliza Bourner

© Edith Templeton

We’ve teamed up with the beautiful Gallery at Home in Monmouthshire, Wales to create an exhibition of almost 200 images, from around 80 generous photographers who have kindly donated their images in support of homelessness charities across the UK.

Prints from the exhibition will be available to purchase from Gallery at Home, and online between the dates of 05 October and 05 December 2019.


We’re delighted to announce the selected photographers exhibiting in HOME are:

Wendy Aldiss, Marina Antoniou, Trevor Attwood, Nick Banner, Rosie Barnes, Kat Bishop, Eliza Bourner, Toril Brancher, Elizabeth Brown, Samantha Brown, Tiina Burton, Sarah Callow, Anne Campbell, Ioana Cobzaru, Kristel Collison, Matthew Dever, Mieke Douglas, Savanna Dumelow, Juliet Ferguson, Farzin Forotuan, Monica Glerean, Nikki Goldup, Ella Gradwell, Vera Hadzhiyska, Louise Hagger, Katy Hammond, Lydia Hansen, Amanda Harman, Karen Harvey, Phil Harvey, Pippa Healy, Sukhy Hullait, Simon Isaac, Naomi James, John Kiely, Ray Knox, Magda Kuca, Parvathi Kumar, Terence Lane, Janet Lees, Joséphine Leroux, Jayne Lloyd, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Ioana Marinca, Jonathan Marsh, Lesia Maruschak, Frankie Mcallister, Loren McCarthy, Rosita McKenzie, Sheila McKinney, Orande Mensink, Sandy Miles, David Morgan-Davies, Nicola Morley, Ingrid Newton, Daniel Norwood, Alison O’Neill, Sue Oakford, Non Odell, Clare Park, Barry  Reid, Jill Reidy, Michael Roberts, Ally Robinson, Grant Simon Rogers, Harriet Rutter, Daphne Schnitzer, Diana Serban, Tracey Sharpe, Ying Ying Shen, James Sinclair, Svetlana Talanova, Gemma Taylor, Nik Taylor, Edith Templeton, Sally Tyrie, Marianne van Loo, Dineke Versluis, Rachel Wallace, Christine Walter-Saxena, Christine Wilkinson, Mandy Williams, Stephen Williams, Catherine Yemm, Kat Young.


© Lydia Hansen

© Lesia Maruschak

© Daniel Norwood

HOME supports:

Crisis is the UK charity for homeless people. We are committed to ending homelessness. ​Every day we see the devastating impact homelessness has on people’s lives. Every year we work side by side with thousands of homeless people, to help them rebuild their lives and leave homelessness behind for good. Through our pioneering research into the causes and consequences of homelessness and the solutions to it, we know what it will take to end it.

Shelter Cymru is the people and homes charity in Wales; we believe that everyone in Wales has the right to a decent, secure home. In the midst of the current housing crisis, we work with people facing the trauma of homelessness by offering free, independent advice and legal support, and we tackle homelessness at its root cause through our campaigning work, bringing about change to housing legislation, policies and practices.

Toiletries Amnesty* works, across the UK and abroad, supporting homeless shelters and hostels, women and children’s refuges, mental health services, food banks, and other organisations to alleviate hygiene poverty.


© Svetlana Talanova


Gallery at Home
Llancayo Court, Usk, Wales, NP15 1HY

05 – 19 October 2019

Opening times: Tues – Fri, 10am – 4.30pm / Sat, 10am – 1.30pm

Private view: 2-5pm, Saturday 5th October 2019
RSVP: info@shutterhub.org.uk


HOME is kindly printed by MPrint

MPrint provide quality portfolio and double-sided printing, with a hands on and personal approach.


*For transparency  –  Toiletries Amnesty was founded by Shutter Hub Creative Director Karen Harvey. Karen is a volunteer director of Toiletries Amnesty and will not gain financially from this project.


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