GIRL TOWN: An Update on The Tel Aviv Exhibition

© Karen Harvey

Firstly, a massive THANK YOU to the wonderful people who have donated to this project, we really appreciate your support and kindness. You are good people!

We were going to announce the exciting news today that Monarch Airlines had heard about our project and had stepped in to sponsor the flights to TLV, but yesterday we had some really disappointing news. Monarch, who we were due to fly with next week, have folded and gone into administration. Our flights have been cancelled. Hundreds of thousands of people have had their flights cancelled. Flight prices have rocketed, and at the moment we can’t afford to book new flights.

This is really really disappointing news, but we will still make this happen. We have to get the exhibition there, that’s a given, but we need to do it properly and we can’t quite afford that yet.

The gallery have been really wonderful and have agreed to postpone the exhibition and give us more time to raise the money we need to do the job properly. We could have sent the work by courier, but it deserves more, it deserves representation, and we want to deliver something that is meaningful and will help develop relationships, will create an exchange, promote GIRL TOWN, and lead to other things for everyone involved.

If you feel disappointed, we are really sorry, we feel like our balloon has been popped too. But we are getting a better balloon and it will all be okay! We have to be thankful that we don’t all work at Monarch, that’s a lot of jobs lost.

We still have a way to go in reaching our target to fund GIRL TOWN going to Tel Aviv. We are getting there, and we know that with your help we’ll make it. We’ve got 9 days left on the Indiegogo – can you help us give this a massive push and make it work for everyone?

Everyone who has contributed and donated will be thanked on the Shutter Hub blog and social media, and on a printed list of supporters (or roll of honour, as we like to call it!) which will be displayed with the exhibition. Show your support for GIRL TOWN and we’ll shout our THANK YOU’s from the roof tops!

Do you believe in equality, freedom of speech, & getting stuff done? Can you donate something? Can you spread the word and get others involved?

We can do this!

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