Fujifilm in Europe have launched their printlife@home exhibition to share ‘Our lives. Our photos. Our world.’ In 2018, Fujifilm exhibited over 100,000 photos worldwide and in 2019, Fujifilm in Europe successfully exhibited more than 30,000 photos at exhibitions hosted in London, Paris and Istanbul. In 2020 the printlife exhibition goes online for the first time and everyone is invited to get involved.

We absolutely love having Fujifilm as Shutter Hub sponsors, project partners, and friends. We’ve shared some great things together, and they’ve supported us in many ways, from printing all of the Postcards from Great Britain exhibitions (12 to date!), to sponsoring the YEARBOOK Awards!


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fujifilm Original Photopaper.



At Fujifilm we firmly believe that every picture tells its own story, and is always worth printing. As we experience a year like no other, we want people to share their images of what life has been like throughout these unusual and challenging times. This could simply be a photo that shows us their life and experiences throughout 2020, a photo wall that has been created whilst spending more time at home, or how people have created a working from home space surrounded by their favourite photos.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the daily lives of people across Europe, people have been searching for ways to connect despite not being able to be together in person. Fujifilm’s printlife@home has launched to exhibit the shared experience of life in Europe in 2020, and at the same time will reward people for their photographic creativity through the giving of weekly prizes.

Until the end of December members of the public from across Europe can submit their images by uploading them Fujifilm wants the public to not just share photographs of everyday life, but also photos of their arrangements or displays of photographs at home – to provide the feeling of walking through the stories of the people lives as seen in their homes. The digital printlife@home platform will exhibit every photo sent in, irrespective of whether the photo is shot on a smartphone or camera.


“Whether you are living in Manchester, Madrid or Mainz, what we are all living through today is one of the most significant shared human experiences and through the power of photography we can not only see but also understand, how millions of us are living through this. Given the world we are living in today, we firmly believe that the joy of photography and the display or documentation of everyday life matters more than ever. Photo celebrates life, family, friends and loved ones. Photography is a way to show who you are, what you stand for and how you live. Regardless of who you are, where you live, or your level of photography skill, we hope that printlife@home provides the opportunity to become a part of something and become inspired.” – Hiromoto Matsushima, Senior Vice President of Photo Imaging for Fujifilm Europe.


Find out more and enter, here.


printlife@home is open for any member of the public to enter and Fujifilm is looking to acknowledge the most creative contributions by choosing five Photos of the Week. Winners will not only have their photos profiled by Fujifilm, but they will also receive a voucher of €200 €150 or €100, or currency equivalent, to spend on photo printing products, or an instax SQUARE SQ1 or instax Mini 11 camera – both analog instant camera with easy-to-use creative modes that can create arty, instantly beautiful prints.



This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fujifilm Original Photopaper.

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