EVERYDAY DELIGHT: Shutter Hub Exhibition with Free Space Project, 05 December – 28 February 2020

Graphic with 'EVERYDAY DELIGHT' in white text in the centre, with a photograph in the background of yellow fruit across a wooden surface, and foliage in the background.

Image © Judith Weik

Shutter Hub have teamed up with Free Space Project to bring you EVERYDAY DELIGHT – an exhibition all about looking for the joy in the small things, finding the magic in what might at first appear mundane, and discovering the beauty in the everyday.

It’s there, but you might not always be able to see it.

EVERYDAY DELIGHT might be something to be enjoyed between the rise and set of the sun, it’s a prompt to look for joy, to appreciate the little things – flowers growing through cracked pavements, cake crumbs on a plate, rippled shadows, low sun through high trees, accidental colour schemes in the street, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… hang on!

In a world where we seem to have more to worry about every day it’s not always easy to find the positive view, but we are hoping that this collation of over 100 images, will give viewers something to think about and to focus on temporarily, and perhaps to come away seeing things differently.


© Matthew Dever

© Zaklina Anderson


We’re pleased to announce the selected photographers exhibiting in EVERYDAY DELIGHT are:

Amanda Eatwell, Andrew P Crawford, Ann Petruckevitch, Ashley Erdman, Brian Human, Chris Bird, Claudia Leisinger, David Morgan-Davies, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Debbie Naylor, Denise Lawry, Diana Serban, Diana Hagues, Edith Templeton, Emma Robinson, Frankie Mcallister, Gemma Taylor, Gerard Francis, Heloise Bergman, Ilisa Stack, Ingrid Newton, James Sykes, Janet Lees, Jayne Lloyd, Jill Reidy, Jo Stapleton, Joel Snitram, Jude Wall, Judith Weik, Kimberly Poppe, Kristel Collison, Louise Ward, Lyndsay Cooper, Madeleine Waller, Marianne van Loo, Matthew Dever, Michel Petillo, Mike Cookson, Myka Baum, Naomi James, Naomi Woddis, Oliver Wright, Pamela Carr, Parvathi Kumar, Phil Harvey, Phillipa Bloom, Ray Knox, Rosie Barnes, Rosita McKenzie, Sally Tyrie, Samantha Brown, Sara Hannant, Sarah Callow, Sarah-Jane Field, Sue Oakford,Susan Bittker, Susan Brunialti, Thomas Bourdeau, Tiina Burton, Tracey Sharpe, Trevor Attwood, Wendy Aldiss, Zaklina Anderson, Zoe Barker.


© James Sykes

© Naomi James

© Rosita McKenzie



Free Space Project
Kentish Town Health Centre,
2 Bartholomew Road,
London, NW5 2BX

05 December 2019 – 28 February 2020

Opening times: 8.30am – 6.30pm, Mon – Fri.
(Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day.)

Exhibition Launch Event: 6.30-8.30pm, 05 December 2019 (RSVP here)



EVERYDAY DELIGHT is supported by: Newspaper Club


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