Document Scotland: The Ties That Bind at Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Document Scotland is a photographic collective comprising of Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Sophie Gerrard and Stephen McLaren — four Scots-born photographers, each exponents of documentary photography. The exhibition takes place one year after the Scottish Referendum. It will feature 50-75 photographs of, and about, Scotland and its people created by this photography group. Their work has been published in various international magazines and newspapers, in addition to featuring in exhibitions around the UK. They are passionate about documentary photography and are committed to photographing Scotland at this pivotal moment in history.

While the work touches on the political landscape around the Referendum, the images do not affirm any one position, but seek to portray a multiplicity of views that portray the complex challenges and subtle nuances surrounding the larger debate.

The exhibition will run until 24 Apr 2016 as part of the IPS Season of Photography 2015 at Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JD. You can find out more here.



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