CLOSE UP: Paulina Korobkiewicz – TAKE-AWAY

©Paulina Korobkiewicz- Take-Away Crystal Palace 2020

Shutter Hub member Paulina Korobkiewicz is a photographer and visual artist. Her work explores public space with a focus on aesthetic choices within the contemporary landscape and interiors.

While studying photography at Camberwell College of Arts, Paulina began examining how the political system transition influenced the ambiguity and contradictions of aesthetic choices in her hometown and the surrounding region. In 2016 she self-published her first photo-book Disco Polo. The project was shortlisted for Bar Tur Photobook Award 2015 organised by The Photographers’ Gallery and Belfast Photo Festival Open Submission 2017.

Paulina’s recurrent use of geometric lines, shadows, and natural light allows for ordinary objects to take on a sculptural presence. Her photobook Perspectives, produced in collaboration with Camberwell Press won the Camberwell Book Prize 2016. Paulina was also nominated for Magnum Photos Graduate Photographers Award 2017 and Prix Pictet 2018. Her latest solo exhibition Udarny Trud exploring the idea of labour and propaganda presented by Centrala Gallery in Birmingham was shortlisted for Athens Photofestival Open Submission and International Format Festival 2021. She lives and works in London, UK.

TAKE-AWAY is an ongoing exploration of the present and future of the hospitality industry. The photos portray independent restaurants all around London and their attempts to adapt to the current crisis. During prolonged closures, take away orders became the only means of survival for many restaurants.


© Paulina Korobkiewicz- Take-Away Woolwich 2020

© Paulina Korobkiewicz- Take-Away Lewisham 2020

I have been photographing takeaway restaurants in London for over a year and a half. Working as a food photographer, I visit new places all over the city every day, and I use this opportunity to document how small, independent businesses are coping throughout the pandemic.

In my photographs, the public spaces are deserted, and their emptiness has become a norm. The photos capture the changing dynamics and use of these spaces and emphasise new arrangements and interiors.


© Paulina Korobkiewicz- Take-Away Ealing 2020

© Paulina Korobkiewicz- Take-Away Brixton 2020

©Paulina Korobkiewicz- Take-Away Peckham_2020

© Paulina Korobkiewicz- Take-Away Redhill 2020

I am interested in capturing the mundane in a manner that challenges its familiarity. I have always been intrigued by how everyday scenes which seemingly don’t matter, eventually become a testimony of our existence.

Visit Paulina’s website here or find her on Instagram.




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