CLOSE UP: Orande Mensink – Zoomland

5 images printed and displayed on a gray cardboard back drop

© Orande Mensink - Zoomland Print

Shutter Hub member Orande Mensink uses photography as a way to talk about people and places. Her practice is characterised by a colourful digital documentary style and her work focuses on the theme of memory; exploring the everyday habits and relationships of those around her. Orande’s research-based projects are inspired by personal narratives and archives. She gained a Master of Fine Art Photography with distinction (University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK, 2015) and exhibited in various international group exhibitions in China, India, and the UK.


This project evolved organically after moving back to the city Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. As I needed to walk my dog and didn’t want to walk the same route, I tried & tracked various routes. To make it more enjoyable I took an Instax camera. Through working with the images (scanning, sequencing) and talking about them, it became clear I was reconnecting myself with the environment by using the medium closest to me, photography.

5 instax polaroids with landscapes in mist

© Orande Mensink – Molenplaat

One of the walks was through an area that is named Zoomland. The parallel with connecting to people through ‘Zoom’ is nowadays difficult not to see. Although this project isn’t planned, and I felt it was something out of my normal way of working, it now is clear it totally fits my love for storytelling about places and people.


5 instax polaroids with landscape in woods

© Orande Mensink – Zoomland

My ongoing relationship with the Shutter Hub community started in 2015 when I won the Shutter Hub Photomasters Award and I have stayed connected ever since, especially through the frequent opportunities to be involved in exhibitions. I opted twice to display the work of other Shutter Hub members on my window and I am using my windows again as an “exhibition space’ for Zoomland, to connect with the local community and people passing by.


10 photos printed and displayed in a window

© Orande Mensink – Zoomland


5 instax polaroids with landscapes fields

© Orande Mensink – Zeezuiper


5 instax polaroids with landscape green and one bridge through water

© Orande Mensink – Fort de Roovere


5 instax polaroids with landscape park

© Orande Mensink – Kijk in de Pot


I feel this project has just started and at the moment I’m not sure where it will bring me. Please get in touch if you have any feedback or ideas that could help develop the project!

To find out more about Orande’s work, visit her website here and follow her on Instagram.



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