CAMERA AMNESTY PROJECTS: Sirkhane Darkroom Exhibition

an elderly man stands on a path in front of a building, behind him is a large water tower

© Ravza, 7 years old

Through our Camera Amnesty Projects, Shutter Hub has been providing equipment and support to Sirkhane Darkroom in Turkey, enabling them to work with more young photographers, and give those young people a platform to showcase the way they see their world.

Sirkhane Darkroom is a mobile darkroom which travels from village to village teaching groups of 15-20 children how to shoot, develop, and print their own photographs. Led by Serbest Salih, a young photographer and Syrian refugee, the darkroom is founded on a fundamental belief in photography as a universal and therapeutic language, and encourages children living in the area — many of whom are themselves refugees — to experiment with the medium as both a form of play and a means of understanding the world around them.


This online exhibition features images created by young refugees (aged 7-17) from Iran, Iraq and Syria, who are learning and developing their photographic skills through their participation in the Sirkhane Darkroom project.