Image of a screen showing an online photography exhibition, very soft focus, with text in the middle reading 'YEARBOOK 2020'

Are you a graduate? Self-taught? Graduated a really long time ago? Are you under 30? Over 30? Emerging? Emerged? Not sure what emerging means..?

If you’re a photographer looking for a way to get more eyes on your work, we’d like to introduce you to YEARBOOK.

A group show, promoted to people working within the photography industry, with the chance to be selected for a printed publication going out to industry specialists and agencies. This is for you.


With most of the graduate shows cancelled this year and uncertainty about when events of that size and nature will be able to go ahead, we started thinking about what these shows mean for those involved, and what they’re missing by not having them. In many ways they echo the ethos of Shutter Hub exhibitions – group shows of work by many varied photographers, promoted to the photography world, attended by industry experts, other photographers’ networks and potential employers.


At Shutter Hub we’re always trying to find ways to create opportunities for as many people as possible, so we came up with an idea that could have a positive impact for everyone, and not just for graduates…


We’re asking for entries from anyone who could do with a bit of promotional boost, no matter your background or education. There’s no theme, but we’d encourage you to think of it like a graduate show – an opportunity to promote a ‘major project’. It can be an actual project or series, or the ‘project’ can be your portfolio. Keep in mind that due to the scale of this project we won’t be able to include full series’ of images from all entrants, but there will be a link from your name to your website or social media (you’ll decide), so viewers will be able to link through to see more of your work.


The main exhibition will be online, so it can be easily shared and accessed, in a similar style to our recent EVERYDAY DELIGHT (Stay at Home Edition) exhibitions. The show will be on our website, which reaches over 20,000 people per month and we’ll promote the show through our newsletter of around 6000 subscribers, social media with a combined audience of over 12,000 and everyone we know who wants to see new photography! All valid entries will have at least one image included per person.

100 images will be selected by a panel of judges to be included in a printed publication that will be sent out to 100 industry specialists and agencies. The publication will also be available to buy if you’d like to send it to your own contacts, or for others to buy just to enjoy!


YEARBOOK Awards 2020

We’re really pleased to announce that there will be four YEARBOOK Awards from our partners BenQ, Exposure Photography Festival, Fujifilm and Newspaper Club. Read our announcement about the Awards here for all the details.


  • BenQ YEARBOOK AWARD 2020 – One photographer will be selected by Tallie Wright, representing BenQ, to receive a BenQ PhotoVue SW240 professional monitor with shading hood.
  • Exposure Photography Festival YEARBOOK AWARD 2020 – One photographer will be selected by Beth Kane from Exposure Photography Festival to receive a Mentorship package which will also include a full portfolio review.
  • Fujifilm Original Photo Paper YEARBOOK AWARD 2020 – One photographer will be selected by Judith van Linden from Fujifilm Original Photo Paper to receive their portfolio printed as a book with Original Photo Paper by Fujifilm.
  • Newspaper Club YEARBOOK AWARD 2020 – One photographer will be selected by Sarah Belfort from Newspaper Club to receive a £250 printing voucher for Newspaper Club.


Want to take part? ENTER HERE!


There are no set entry fees for YEARBOOK, we’re asking you to ‘pay what you can’. If you’re graduating this year we know you would have spent hundreds of pounds on your show, but we’re not asking for that, we’re just asking you to pay what you can so that we can make this happen for everyone. If you’re lucky enough to be in employment, or getting financial support, we hope you’ll help us support those who aren’t.

We’re making this opportunity affordable for all photographers, but it isn’t cheap to produce. Please help support us by sharing what we do. We receive no external grants or funding, but we’re determined to do what we can to keep photography open to all.


You don’t have to be a Shutter Hub member to take part, but if you’d like to find out about all the benefits of being a Shutter Hub member you can do so here.


This is your graduate show, whether you’ve just graduated, never graduated, or can’t even remember that far back!


Deadline for entries: 18 June 2020 (5pm BST)



YEARBOOK 2020 is supported by: Newspaper Club.


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