Mon 04 Dec 2017

VOTE NOW: Shutter Hub Nominated for Best Photography Blog - UK Blog Awards 2018

We're really pleased to have been nominated once again for Best Photography Blog in the UK Blog Awards.

We won Best Company Photography Blog at the awards last year, and would love for all of our members’ efforts and hard work to be celebrated by winning again in 2018!

This really is for all of the Shutter Hub members who have come together to share their work and contribute to the blog in many different ways - our blog would be nothing without you! This nomination is for all of us... congratulations everyone!

Have you got a moment to cast your vote for Shutter Hub?

Vote here for Shutter Hub:

Please share this on social media, tell your friends, your family, colleagues and cats - anything that helps gets our wonderful photographers recognised even further has got to be a good thing, right?!


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