ANNOUNCEMENT: POETRY – A Shutter Hub Editions Publication – Selected Photographers

Image of a green apple on a white table cloth to the right, a wooden chair back to the left, and the word 'POETRY' in the centre

© Sid White-Jones

We’re really excited to be launching Shutter Hub Editions, our new publishing house, this year. Shutter Hub Editions will be creating a collection of beautiful printed publications, featuring themed and solo books for people who love photography to collect.


We invited photographers to fill our first edition with images around the theme of POETRY and we were overwhelmed with incredible images – we received over 1000 images from nearly 300 photographers!

While we weren’t asking for actual written poems, we asked entrants to think about things they see that are comparable to poems – images that expressed their feelings and ideas. We’ve all had so much to process, adapt to and take action on in recent months – we wanted this to be an opportunity for them to concentrate on work that gave them some respite, salve for your eyes and mind. We wanted to bring photographers together in print to present a publication that people can hold in their hands and spend time delving into for a moment of calm escapism.

We wanted to explore POETRY in all its connotations and bring these images together in beautiful printed pages, and ask what does POETRY mean to you?


patches of light falling on a row of paperbags filled with garden waste leaning against a wall

© Krystina Stimakovits


Photo of a single wave in a dark green sea.

© Dineke Versluis


We’re pleased to announce the selected photographers for POETRY are:

Carli Adby-Notley, Wendy Aldiss, Fabiane Aleixo, Miriam Ali, Kathryn Alkins, Trevor Attwood, David Bain, Mecoh Bain, Dmitry Bayer, Alison Bettles, Phillipa Bloom, James Booth, Patricia Borges, Emma Boyns, Lewis Brymner, Sarah Callow, Hanne Castein, Ian Collins, Emilie Delugeau, Amanda Eatwell, Jake Eshelman, Caroline Fraser, Patrick Green, Sally Gunnett, Tracey Halladay, Pippa Healy, James Hensby, Berto Herrera, Naomi James, Esther Kersley, Yana Kononova, Paulina Korobkiewicz, Gizem Kumbaraci, Marysia Lachowicz, Ellie Laycock, Janet Lees, Claudia Leisinger, Sonia Levesque, Ky Lewis, Anneleen Lindsay, Cara Macnally, Dawn Mander, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Eva Marschan-Hayes, Unai Mateo, Geraldine McClure, Sheila McKinney, Karen Melvin, Ella Morton, Emily Nicholl, Kadri Otsiver, Daryl Pallas, Emma Palm, Gemma Pepper, Ian Pilbeam, Colleen Rauscher, Lena Ricard, Katie Riesner, Grant Simon Rogers, Alan Silvester, Rodrigo Soto, Jo Stapleton, Fiona Steel, Krystina Stimakovits, Dana Stirling, Mike Sutton, Malgorzata Szura Piwnik, Gökhan Tanrıöver, Clare Thomas, Cat Thorogood, N. A. Vague, Marianne van Loo, Dineke Versluis, Viktor Vráb, Christine Walter-Saxena, Alexander Ward, Sid White-Jones, Lucy Worrall, Oliver Wright, Jiahui Ye and Chiara Zandona.


Photograph of discarded plastic wrapping caught on a bollard, flying in the wind

© Sarah Callow

This will be a gorgeous book in its own right, but we also intend it to be a showcase for the photographers involved. We will promote it heavily across our networks, make it available to purchase in a variety of locations as well as directly from our online shop, and we will create a page on our website to allow people to connect directly with the photographers that are featured in the publication as we did with YEARBOOK.

We can’t wait to share it with you very soon!



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