EXHIBITION: HOW I SEE YOU Exhibition Awards & Selected Photographers

Graphic with a photograph of a table set for lunch with a pink tablecloth, plate of ham, a floral placemat, cutlery, a jar of chutney and glasses of water. Text in white in the middle says 'HOW I SEE YOU'

© Becky Mursell

As photographers we are always looking and seeing things differently. Whether it’s people that we see the beauty in (and they don’t see it themselves) or it’s something we see that reminds us of someone – it could be a place, a flower, a cup left on a table – a memory or sense of place and being. A photograph can be a memorial or tribute to someone lost, or a sign of appreciation for someone who is alive and loved.

Shutter Hub teamed up with US-based Float Photo Magazine to produce this online exhibition which will run from 02 August 2021, open to photographers worldwide, and curated by Creative Director Karen Harvey, who has selected 23 photographers for this show.

HOW I SEE YOU brings together touching and beautiful representations of people through objects, spaces and abstraction, sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, and everything in between.


© Aline Smithson

The selected photographers exhibiting in HOW I SEE YOU are:

Dana Benoit, Marilyn Boatwright, Amber Crabbe, Emma Creighton Hopson, Alex Djordjevic, Charlotte Dobson, Joanna Furniss, Fabian Hammerl, Lingxue Hao, Naomi James, Marysia Lachowicz, Emily Larsen, Jillian Abir MacMaster, Andrew Mangum, Becky Mursell, Clair Robins, Harry Rose, Carol Sabbagh, Brittany Severance, Aline Smithson, Sophie Taylor, Dineke Versluis, and Ellen Wallenstein.


© Naomi James

Alongside the exhibition, one photographer has been selected for the Curator’s Choice Award and receives a year long Shutter Hub membership and a solo feature on their work on shutterhub.org.uk, four photographers have been selected to receive a portfolio review session with Karen Harvey (Creative Director, Shutter Hub) or Dana Stirling (Editor of Float Magazine)  and ten photographers have been selected for a Top 10 feature on Float and Shutter Hub websites.



HOW I SEE YOU: curated by Karen Harvey, Creative Director & Founder, Shutter Hub.

Curators Choice Award – Brittany Severance

Highly Commended – Becky Mursell

Portfolio Reviews awarded to: Lingxue Hao, Emily Larsen, Jillian Abir MacMaster, Harry Rose

Top 10 Selection: Dana Benoit, Marilyn Boatwright, Lingxue Hao, Naomi James, Emily Larsen, Jillian Abir MacMaster, Becky Mursell, Brittany Severance, Aline Smithson, Dineke Versluis



HOW I SEE YOU: Visit the exhibition online at https://www.floatmagazine.us from 02 August 2021 


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