Shutter Hub Editions – ROAD TRIP

Photograph of the ROAD TRIP printed publication being held open by hands, on a dark grey background. The left page shows some text and a QR code and the right page shows thumbnails of images from the book with the photographers' names beneath.

© Jayne Lloyd for Shutter Hub

There’s something wonderful about a road trip, a certain sense of nostalgia and adventure that can’t be matched. In these pages photographers transport us through their imagery, show us how they travel, where they go, the places they stop, the reasons they travel, and everything in between.


Connect directly with the photographers from Shutter Hub Editions’ ROAD TRIP, listed here alphabetically by last name:


Kristina Barker, Marcus Bastel, Susan Bittker, Tiina Burton, Justin Carey, Gettons, Harry Compton, Phil Crean, Renata Crespo, Dallas Crow, Steven Dowie, Ewelina Dziedzic, Giuseppe Francavilla, Caroline Fraser, Luigi Galasso, Monica Glerean, Patrick Green, Iris Grimm, Diana Hagues Photography, Anna Haillot, Fabian Hammerl, Lingxue Hao, Guy Haws, Judith Hornbogen, Brian Human, Jo Kalinowski, Mert Kece, Sarah Ketelaars, Deb Leal, Janet Lees, Mark Levinson, Dee Lister, Antonina Mamzenko, Frankie McAllister, R Geraldine McClure, Eddie Middleton, Sean Murphy, Kerstin Niemöller, Rachel Nixon, Laura Noel, DJ Norwood, Lefteris Paraskevaidis Photography, Sophie Polyviou, Kimberly Poppe, Laura Prieto, Zula Rabikowska, Nina Raingold, Andrés Rich, Rachel Rimell, Clair Robins, Filipe Santos, Andi Sapey, Fábio Silva, Daniel Simon, Tessa Sinclair, Bettina Stammen, Mike Sutton, Małgorzata Szura Piwnik, Nik Taylor, Gemma Taylor, Marianne van Loo, Dineke Versluis, Grae J. Wall, Christine Walter-Saxena, Alexander Ward, Liam Webb, Z White, Harry Wijsbroek, Jayne Worthington, Zhe Wu, Yap Yen and Anna Katharina Zeitler.



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