Shutter Hub OPEN 20/21 Exhibition Vote

As you are aware, sadly the OPEN 20/21 exhibition in Amsterdam has now been cancelled. We now need to make a decision on how best to proceed and we’re working really hard to try to find the best solution. We’re aware that this exhibition has already been delayed significantly and we’re reluctant to postpone things any further, so we don’t feel we should wait to see if Gallery 5&33 can accommodate us in 2022. We also feel that although restrictions are currently easing in the UK, where we are based, the situation is hugely varied across Europe, and we think that international travel is an extra layer of complication that we should try to avoid when restrictions can change at such short notice.

We want to be sure we’re taking this forward in the way that the group wants, so we think the fairest thing is for you to vote to have your say. Please let us know how you would like us to proceed by voting through this form, by Wednesday 28 April. It can be anonymous, but we will need your contact details if you are putting us in contact with a venue.

This form is currently closed for submissions.


We will count up the votes and go from there. If the votes are in favour of a UK venue, we will follow up on all contacts and do our best to set that up, but if we aren’t able to secure a venue by the end of May 2021 we will take the exhibition online, so as not to delay the show further.

Thank you again for your understanding – we promise that whatever form it takes it will still be an excellent exhibition!