Tina Reid-Peršin

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About my father's wartime experiences between the ages of 15 to 18. He was fighting the communists in Slovenia. He was on the borders between life to death and boy to man. In Life/Death 1

Quote from the New Slovene covenant no. 81 2011- After the war the Partisans marched through the villages ransacking and shouting "Death to the Whites" Conversation with relatives- This cross, which was on their farmland was torn down by the Communists and thrown in the road. It has remained hidden to this day. (70 years)

Diary entry May 8th 1944 M. Peršin Photo of my father's brother who was killed during the second world war . This is the farmhouse the family lived in, which is now unoccupied.

interview 27.12.2015 with M.Peršin I have been trying to understand what happened during the war and why my father was a refugee. We would sleep in this room on his family's farm, when we visited the remaining family as children. My father would stay in Austria, as there was a death sentence on his head.

Diary entry May 11th 1944 Farmhouse living room/ dining room, where my father used to sometimes sleep. I am struck by how many crucifixes, rosaries, and pictures of Jesus and Mary there are in the house. The diary my father wrote also shows how devout they all were. In this photo and the previous, with family photos on one wall and icons on the other, I believe it shows how Jesus and Mary are almost part of the family.

Tina Reid-Peršin


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