Tenyo Barbolski

Dashboard view from Lamborghini Aventador Viola Ophelia

The Battleship-museum in Thames River, London, Night time

London next to Tower Bridge

some model/headshot photography practise

Shot from the old times of Petrolheadonism Live at Knebworth House

My nephew captured in still pose combining long exposure with him as model like the time has stopped in this moment

My daughter when we used to play and entertain ourselves being creative at Westfield Shopping Center

Toyota GR86 with Pandem Body Kit

Ferarri F8 Spider in moody dangerous position showing behind the van

Another amazing car in amazing moment at Petrolheadonism Live 2022

Tenyo Barbolski

Filled with emotion, passion, love, a lot of inspiration, a little bit of stubbornness, a little curiosity, a lot of desire to be happy, or just with a love of what he is doing! Never filled with such happiness when I have tried to do anything else…

With a keen eye for compositions, colours, shapes and how they interact to tell the story of my images. The love to capture how the light touches the different structures, surfaces and human flesh is amazing and intimidating. This taught me about styles such as automotive photography, street photography, fashion photography, boudoir photography, and more! Always open up to experimenting with new techniques and styles.


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