Tamsin Green

Tamsin Green

Tamsin is an English photographer and architect based in London. Her work explores the relationship between classification systems and the walked experience of the landscape. She hunts and maps familiar things that are often overlooked or under-explored.

Her projects include Born of the Purest Parents, a research into the landscape, cultural history and science of salt. And this is how the earth must see itself, where the Ordnance Survey mapping system and symbols are used as a guide to explore the British landscape.

Experimenting with printed imagery is essential to Tamsin’s process. As each project progresses, she develops it into physical book dummies. She self-published her first book, Born of the Purest Parents (2018), as a handmade limited edition of 35. The book was selected for the Kassel Dummy Award ‘18, and is in the collections of the Tate and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

In 2021 she established manual.editions as a platform to publish her handmade books in an environmentally conscious way. The first title this is how the earth must see itself  was published as a limited edition of 58 books.


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