Sukhy Hullait

Sukhy Hullait

I’ve been taking street portraits for a long time but have been photographing it as a project for 5 years, devoting 12 hours a week and shooting mostly in London.

I love the interaction and the process as much the end the result.

I’m looking for a moment.

Sometimes I photograph the person quickly (30 seconds) but often spend over an hour listening, talking and photographing.

The work has evolved in terms of the medium and approach, I’ve moved from digital to 35mm film and medium format film. I’ve also refined how I approach the subject and I experimented what I ask to create a mood or a feeling.

I have no formal training and have been working in photography for 17 years and full time for 6 years. I’ve photographed events, fashion, political demonstrations and I also lead small group and individual workshops.


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