Sue Oakford

The intense beauty of tulips

White tulips in a vase from the series 'Corner of my room'-taken during Lockdown 2020 exploring light within the home.

Peonies depicting 'The morning after the night before". Gin bottles and glassware display flowers reflecting how some feel full of bloom whilst others skulk into the shadows. Finalist IGPOTY 2020

Venous blood. Awarded an Honourable Mention in the Fine Arts Category of the Chromatic Awards International Colour Photo Contest

A symbolic depiction of Autumn.

Stargazing lilies - magnificently surveying the universe- symbolic of prosperity and abundance.

Representation of a crown placed on Christ.

Antique roses with my mothers linen - memories of home. Commended by IGPOTY Still Life Category 2020.

Taken during Lockdown 2020 - reflecting the feeling of wilting and neglect.

Red - who can resist.

The strength of youth - Homage to Vermeer

Lockdown light 2020 - the light around my home during one day - using the grains of wood for light inside and outside and then the shadow of wood.

My mothers favourite flowers from the garden.

The moment you realise that Christmas is over.

The future is the beginning.

Sue Oakford

Based in South West London I am primarily a Maternity, Newborn and Family photographer. Influenced by classic Still Life artists such as Rachel  & Anna Ruysch, Clara Peeters, Ambrosius Bosschaert, Maria van Oosterwijck and William van Aelst part of my personal portfolio hankers back to the days of dark and shadow and the use of natural light to create atmosphere and depth. My images conjure allegorical themes within our times – telling stories and feelings about today. I am enthralled with the beauty of flowers as they wilt and morph into something quite different from their original full bloom and I try to capture the rich detail of the curves and lines created.


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