Sonia Levesque

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Sonia Levesque

Photographer | Writer | Sculptor


My Pompous Artist Statement Thing:

Everything starts with a curiosity – a need to experiment, play and understand.

I believe that if you leave wide open spaces in your head and in your heart – entropy will sneak in. And when you listen closely and watch patiently, new insights and experiences will emerge. Most of all, I believe in moments.

Moments matter.

I capture and preserve moments, as I see them and as I feel them – that’s what I do. Sometimes I use a camera and other times I use cement, if neither are available I’ll reach for words and if I can’t find the right words, I store the memory of the moment in a special corner in my mind, in hopes that eventually I’ll find a way to express and share that moment so it can be re-lived and re-loved.


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