Regina Ray

The violinist with his violin

From an art project including 3 portraits and the installation "Bottled Memories", this project looks into an "untranslatable" Portuguese word saudade (nostalgia, yearning) and it is closely related to personal experiences. Saudade is presently shown at the Newmarket Open 2022 at the National Horseracing Museum until 24th April 2022

The desire to own (yet another) prestige brand watch

The story of a friend who had to make the difficult decision to amputate after an accident

I suddenly started understanding the passion of building a body - it is the art of building something beautiful

What I loved about this portrait is the expression of determination bordering stubbornness on my little model's face

Taken on 35mm film, one of my most favourite portraits of the person who many years ago sparkled my interest in photography

Nancy Pelosi at her talk at the Cambridge Union Society in 2021

"Stranger!” Stephen Fry telling stories from his time at Cambridge

One of the 10 portraits of key workers during the fist lockdown, a project commissioned by Creative people & Places CPP Market Place and Arts Council of Britain, later published in the ShutteHub Yearbook as one of the 100 selected works. The project is called "Chapter in Our Lives" and consisted of photographic portraits and audio interviews with 10 key workers, Statements from the interviews were use for the heading of each portrait with the idea that they are on a magazine cover

From the project Men with Beards (ongoing)

Regina Ray

Portrait and documentary photographer, Regina’s favourite subjects are people. Capturing emotional state and human interactions is her passion. Regina runs her commercial portrait studio and works on editorial and corporate projects for private clients for the past 11 years.

National Horseracing Museum, Newmarket
12 February – 24 April 2022
Portraits of keyworkers during the Covid-19 Pandemic​​​​
16 October – 15 November 2020
Babylon Gallery Ely WatersideFOR THE LOVE OF HORSE
Photography solo exhibition
Newmarket Music & Art Festival
July 2019

Gallery 9 Cambridge
November 2017

Cambridge School of Art
September 2017
Royal Photographic Society RSP
Annual Members Exhibition
April 2017

Solo exhibition; Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge
March 2017

Truman Brewery, London
October 2016



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