Raph Hurwitz

Raph Hurwitz

Raph Hurwitz creates images in the literal sense. Without focusing on a particular subject or scene, he embraces the deep emotional connection to photography and shoots predominantly abstract and minimalist work with the intention of recreating a feeling experienced at the moment of capture. Creating prints from the medium format negatives to compliment the textures in each of his pieces allows the viewer to be pulled in and feel something tangible.

He explores his synesthesia by focusing in on the textures, shapes, and movement that is experienced when listening to music, or ambient soundscapes on location, and translating that into an image. The camera’s limitations facilitate the creation by slowing down the process enough to allow for more interpretation in developing and printing.

Often seen looking at the floor, through glass, at walls or trees.
Inspired by the auditory world.

Founder of AllFormat Film Photography Collective


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