Pamela Landau Connolly

Shadow House I, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Shadow House II, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Looking In, Yellow Bed,' Wishmaker' series, 2021

Yellow Forsythia, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Blue Pail, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Red Sideboard, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Play House, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

House Cut-Away, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Shadow House IV, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Lawn Chair, 'Wishmaker' series 2021

Rose Arbor, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Curtain and Sky, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Red Geraniums, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Driveway, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Fireplace Mantel, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Entryway, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Hallway I, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Hallway II, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Blue Chair Lumen, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Shadow House III, 'Wishmaker' series, 2021

Pamela Landau Connolly

Pam Connolly has been photographing the theme of home for 10+ years. Her tin dollhouses, family portraits, and photographs of domestic spaces look closely at the American dream and the yearning for perfection and belonging.

Connolly received an MFA in Photography from the Hartford Art School’s International Limited-Residency Program (2014). Her photographs belong to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts Permanent Collection, and her artist book ‘Cabriole’ was recently acquired by the Beineke Library at Yale University and the Fine Arts Library at Harvard University.  She has exhibited her work internationally, including the National Portrait Gallery in London in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize Exhibition (2015).

Connolly has taught photography at The Horace Mann and Masters Schools in New York, and with the ‘Kids With Cameras’ organization for kids at risk. She lives in the Lower Hudson Valley in New York, with her husband David and her dog Sampson.


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