Michaela Nagyidaiová

Michaela Nagyidaiová

Michaela Nagyidaiová (*1996, Bratislava) is a documentary photographer based between London and Bratislava. Raised in Slovakia, she often works with themes that rethink the notions of home, migration, the aftermath of conflicts and family roots.

Visually examining former historically significant landscapes, she is drawn to places and events that have over time become forgotten or hidden in our contemporary society. This way, her intention is to revive the histories, discuss them and relate them to our present-day issues through the use of photography, archival imagery and text.

The ongoing theme she has been working on looks into the aftermath of the Greek Civil War (1946-1949), which had a large impact on a high number of individuals, including her family members. Similarly, her research also delves into the influence of the conflict on the land in Greece as well as on the separation of her family to different countries in Europe  and North America.


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