Mary Thompson

This is the first of four images depicting women taking to the streets of central London in protest of mistreatment and inequalities

One of the protesters in the Fawcett Society March Against Government Cuts to Women's Services and Employment

Downtime at the end of the Million Women Rise March

Part of my series documenting the small fishing communities around the coast of the UK. There is no harbour at Cromer so the fishing fleet have beach their boats and bring them up to the high tide line by tractors before unloading their catch

Aptly named fishing boat working out of Seahouses on the Northumberland Coast

This iconic boat of protest occupied centre stage at the Extinction Rebellion Occupation of Oxford Circus in Central London

Climate Activists finding creative ways to tell the story the damage clothing manufacture does to our environment

XR Climate Activists having some temporary relaxation whilst holding the occupation of Waterloo Bridge

Police arresting an XR activist during an XR occupation of Parliament Square

These next six images are part of two unfinished projects interrupted by the COVID pandemic. The first set of three tell the story of Brightlingsea Life saved from closure by local crowdfunding.

Clive is the manager of Brightlingsea Lido and passionate about its restoration. The pump room is his pride and joy

Three of the volunteers at the Lido who are helping with its restoration on a shoestring budget

My friend, local counsellor, several times Mayor and champion of people's rights.

Case work at Gina's twice monthly community surgeries

Helped by Gina on a number of occasions she calls Gina "My Angel Gina"

Mary Thompson

I am a documentary photographer fascinated by and curious about people, places, and their passions.

I aim to tell a story of a person, people, place, or the issues they, and usually, I, care about with a series of images that can often show more than the written word.


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