Martin Kelly

Martin Kelly

I qualified as a photographer in Oxford, England in 2008 and have since practised portrait and event photography.

The images shown are from my project, St Georges Day in Derby, showing informal celebrations around the town in the last seven years.

I started the project in 2013. Since then the United Kingdom has left the European Union. 

Derby is situated in the heart of the East Midlands region of England.

Saint George is venerated in modern Christian tradition as a Roman soldier of Greek origin, who was martyred for his Christian faith. He is also included in some Muslim teachings as a prophet.

Saint George is not only the patron saint of England. Many other patronages exist. Saint George is one of the patron saints of Georgia and also Malta and Gozo. Aragon and Catalonia in Spain have Saint George as a patron as does Portugal where the battle cry of the army is “Portugal and Saint George”

The flag of a red cross on a white field probably originated associated with Saint George in Genoa in the 12th century.

In times of isolation due to Coronavirus a reminder of getting together in the pub.

I have more personal photography projects in development and attend public events throughout the country, supplying images to news and stock libraries.


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