Louise Humphrey

Susan from the 2020 #seeme series

Jan from the 2020 #seeme series

L A from the 2020 #seeme series

Eleanor from the 2020 #seeme series

Jennifer from the 2020 #seeme series

Juliet from the 2020 #seeme series

Janice from the 2020 #seeme series

Susan (G) from the 2020 #seeme series

Susannah from the 2020 #seeme series

Angela from the 2020 #seeme series

Jill from the 2020 #seeme series

Donna from the 2020 #seeme series

Louise Humphrey

“#seeme” is a photo-documentary project inspired by becoming 50 years of age. 

 Mixed in with the celebratory birthday wishes from friends and family, I also received  a deluge of emails and mail, pre-qualifying me for an endless array of life insurance, funeral planning and plastic surgery products. 

Becoming 50 clearly triggers a universe of software algorithms, qualifying me for end-of-life planning products.

I immediately felt newly categorised & aged by society’s norms & expectations.​
 In today’s visual culture it is clear that in terms of age-profile and bias, a disparity exists between how a 50+ female is perceived culturally and the life-reality of being 50+. ​

My project focusses on and celebrates women aged 50+ for who they are; 

Demanding a stronger representation of the older female across all streams of media. 

In particular a more honest and true portrayal in the alignment of brands with age-appropriate models.​

The project provides an insight into the lives of women aged 50+, giving the viewer a documented visual of women aged 50+ combined with a personal insight into what is important to them in life.

Louise’s interests, passion and strengths lie in the ability to shed light onto a story, and direct people to see and explore topics that otherwise may go unseen or be unheard.


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