Louie Villanueva

A tree that kept its colour and leaves through the winter.

The windows of a bank.

Behind a restaurant at night, a father and son play with a ball.

A storefront window at night.

A friend takes a call in a separate booth at a bar.

Siobhan shields her eyes from the bright sun.

A restaurant worker takes a break in an alley.

Plant life grows at the base of a sign in concrete.

Louie Villanueva

Louie Villanueva (b. 1995) is a photographer based in Moh’kins’tsis, located on Treaty 7 territory—also called Calgary, Canada.

Born to parents of Filipino descent and self-taught in the practice of photojournalism, Villanueva explores the dialectic of art and craft in photography. His fascination with Zen Buddhist practice—intermingles with philosophies of art and applying his way of seeing to everyday activities—walking to work, running errands, and parties.

Currently an independent photojournalist for the National Observer, he has also had work featured in the Calgary Herald, Sun, and the CBC. He is a preferred photographer for the University of Calgary, peddles the tools of the trade at The Camera Store, documents weddings for Light Theory, and operates Neat Film Lab.


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