Kristel Collison

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Kristel Collison

I’m a landscape photographer working with digital and instant film.

My work explores concepts of place and displacement, connection and disconnection. I’m particularly drawn to fragile, neglected and often unremarkable or overlooked places and repeatedly return to the same locations at different times or seasons. Discovering new narratives, relationships and unexpected resonances I find within the familiar it’s still possible to get lost.

Recent work has been made in two disused limestone quarries in the Peak District. These chasms of excavated land reflect a dynamic living palimpsest where vestiges of alchemical, archaeological and geological legacies converge and are a reminder of how humanity and industry has continuously erased and overwritten both the visible and invisible landscape.  The images are intended as a portal between past and present and the hidden and indecipherable.

I began using polaroid film as a change from digital images that can be edited, manipulated and infinitely reproduced. I really enjoy the limited features of a simple and rudimentary camera  and feel there’s a sense of the unpredictable and unexpected in the outcome.


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