Kerstin Niemöller

The first high bunker built in Frankfurt. I loved it and photographed there very often. Inside and outside

What a wonderful composition. Some shade, a green chair, closed shutters and colors.

Sometimes you just have to turn around and discover wonderful

catch my eyes

The state of decay in the public space

Aerial / Balloon

I can not pass hanging laundry

The decay of public space

Kerstin Niemöller

Taking pictures beside my life. Living in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. I love to look at things separately. To look at these things in isolation from the environment, they always develop their own dynamics and an astonishing aesthetic.

HM Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 – Series “LineDance”

HM IPA 2019

Gold Winner Bifa 2019

HM Minimalist Photography Awards 2020 – Series “Play green”

HM Mifa 2020 – Series „The beauty of the unnoticed“

HM Paris Street Photography Awards 2020 „Green chair“

Bronze Winner Bifa 2020 – Series „Spiders Nightmare“

Silber Winner Bifa 2020 – Series „Play green“

HM FAPA 2021 „two seconds to gone“

HM FAPA 2021 „the beauty and the beast“

HM FAPA 2021 „Line dance“

Various publications in different photography magazines

Exhibition Frankfurt/Main “100 Frankfurter Köpfe” – long time ago


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