Juan Obando

Patagonia Route 40

Colombian highlands

Baja California

California's Coastline

Florida Coastline



Sunrise over the coast



Costa Rica

Colorado Mountains

Patagonia Route 40

Colombian Highland

Tropical Forest

Costa Rica

Juan Obando

Juan is a landscape and storytelling photographer born in Colombia. He pursues and shares all things photography as an extension of himself.

He pursues a deep interest for outdoors and all that surrounds it, while taking a breath every once and then to experience places that transmit a story, a feeling and the intention to share a sense of appreciation to the world.

Recently, he started a project for 48 hours in specific locations across the world which represent a glimpse of reality to locations that express a mixture of emotions and devotion for the way Humans live in.

His work has been published in Shutter Hub’s YEARBOOK 2021, as well as Galleries in Los Angeles for his photojournalism report around race.

Available for hire around commercial and fine artwork.

Work also available via NFT at Rarible and OpenSea.


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