Joséphine Leroux

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Bimbi is my great grandmother, an extraordinary woman of 99 years.

Bimbi turned 99 this year. She is always saying that you have to count your age by the number of memories not by the number of years.

Live your life to the fullest

Vitamin sea

London tube

London, 2018

Joséphine Leroux

Joséphine Leroux

Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France

I’ve always been interested by documenting my daily life and the beautiful things that I can see everyday, that is no surprise I headed for photography. I find in it a good way to transmit my feelings and memories to others.
Photography is one of my passion as same as travels and people. That’s why 3 years ago I’ve decided to mix those passions to work in an international festival of photography for women photographers named Pil’Ours for which I am one of the organizer now.  We are exhibiting each summer 10 women photographers from 10 different countries, and we invite them during 10 days so they can meet their audience.
Pil’Ours permitted me to meet so many beautiful women and helped me to grow as a photographer and as a personn. Find more info about it on facebook : Pil’Ours – Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie.

My black and white photography is like my diary, there is photos of my family, my hometown, my friends, my passions : @blackandjosie

Borned and raised by the sea, I’m definitely an ocean child. You can find some of my photos about surf, the ocean, the beach… on @josephinelrx


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