Jordana Barale

Bride Photoshoot Brazil 2014

Couple photoshoot Brazil 2014

London Fashion Week February 2019 Nabilnayal

Bride ready to her wedding Brazil 2015

Performance in Goiânia on the scene Brazil 2008

London Fashion Week Feb 2019 Fabiankisjuhasz

Architecture and indoor project in Italy 2018

Project friends' trip photoshoot Italy 2019

Street photoshoot London 2014

Family photoshoot Brasil 2017

My mother photoshoot in London 2013

family photoshoot Brazil 2019

Family photoshoot Brazil 2019

family photoshoot Brazil 2019

couple photoshoot after weeding Brazil 2016

Couple photoshoot Italy 2018

Publicity photoshoot Brazil 2017

The grotto of San Francisco in Italy 2019

The photo was taken at volunteer project from a family going home in northern Brasil 2017

Street Photoshoot Italy 2017

Jordana Barale

I am Photographer with over a decade of experience, specialized in the creative photographic direction in weddings, family photoshoot, publicity and fine art. With innovative work in services, I am dedicated not only to photography but also to interpersonal relationships. Thus, it is common to generate lasting bonds with those who are focused on my lenses. Currently living in London, but with strong actuation in Brazil and destinations.

Facilitator in photography conferences and workshops, I have already done work for media, book and CD covers, several exhibitions and also works in social works.

I would love to to hear from you what do you think about taking pictures with me while our connexion shows us the best side about both, this is my aim when I hold my camera. I am ready, and you?


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