John Scott

Enjoy the landscape around Avebury. The light, time of year and weather have a great influence on how everything looks. This was Boxing Day 2022

Used the artificial light to both frame and oppose the natural light on the opposite side of the frame. Added to the nostalgic feel given by the light quality.

Watched this pair depart Flywheel Festival 18/06/23

John Scott

As a keen amateur photographer, the medium is an important outlet for my creative energy, as well as being a means of self expression via the images captured.  My interest goes back to childhood but it wasn’t until my late teens and a student grant that any real creativity was possible.  Went to evening class 2004-2006 to study photography as an art subject at GCSE and then A level, learning much about myself along the way.

Words have always been a good friend of mine, whether written or voiced in song.  Studying English Literature at A level back in school encouraged me to use the written word as another means of self expression via poetry.  I do enjoy writing a long letter, even if it now means tapping keys for words to appear on an electronic page.  Am a regular contributor to the Club Audi Newsletter magazine, writing reports of events that attended as Events Secretary.

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